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Project Description
This little application runs silently and allows you to protect your computer from hackers, and sneaky people who just want to steal your info. I once caught my friend trying to use my computer...he suceeded getting through the Vista password prompt, well this device works even better. It allows you to have 2 passwords, and remember, 2 different from your curent Vista password, and never give these out either. It will flash twice once you start it up to verify it works. Then it will run silently, checking for those that are your computer of thos ridders you hate. Right-click the Notify Icon and you can select from several options.

It does exactly what Vista Log-In Does, except it also monitors in real-time what a person is doing. Fail to many-times, and it won't let you log-in, or even try for the selected length of time. It also whatches for rapid mouse movement, or the "CntrlAltDelete" button shortcut. It will cancel taskmanager, which means it will not allow anyone, even if they know how, to stop the process.

If it detects to much mouse movement over a period of time, or to many random key presses, it will auto-lock, for the selected time-out.

Hacker's beware!

It does not provide protection from HardDriver stealers, however, if you know someone who likes to sneak around on your computer (But not actually steal the whole computer itself) this is thr corret application for you.


We have a few people who have reported Failed log-in Attempts. The reason is simple. WE DO NOT give out the password that automatically comes with this program. You need to run it once, then go to settings, change your password, save. Then restart the application, not the computer, but SecureIT v2. otherwise, it will use the built-in password, and the only way to get out of this is to restart your computer. Newer version V2.30.2.2 will start at startup, so once the newer version come out, we will begin to provide you with a publix password, but remember to CHANGE the password. This really isn't an Issue, you just need to know the solution.

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